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What Makes Us No.1

It’s About Making Things Right...


The quality of our sockets is also determined by their design. Our manufacture demands that the contact between the socket and the nut or bolt is along the flank, not at the corners. With the power transfer removed from critical points, improved durability and enhanced power distribution are the results.


Our manufacturing process is continually refined and modernised, taking advantage of the latest technologies and improvements.

Just as importantly, we place high value on the skills of our workers. We ask that their forging be impeccable; the knowledge of all aspects of the work paramount. Training is ongoing and at all levels.

Quality Control

The quality systems in place are under constant re-assessment, such as our dye penetration inspection, which remains the best available method for detecting fissures in base materials. We not only match but surpass all applicable and international standards.

Range... Metric, Imperial and Whitworth Measurements

As you’d expect from a company which revels in its niche status, in this catalogue you’ll find every kind of impact socket you could wish for, in every size.

Plus, there’s also a striking range of spanners, accessories and complementary products. Customers benefit from the same excellent service and great prices as on our sockets!

Need a Quote for the Supply of Special Tools?
ISS-UK is Able to Manufacture!

Many of our customers come to us with specific requirements which demand a specially-made product.

They’re looking for a speedy response, an end product that’s designed and manufactured to perfectly match the job in hand – and a good price to go with it.

We offer this as a matter of course, with no minimum order and we guarantee excellent quality, very competitive pricing and quick delivery.

Precision Manufacturing

6 Point Montage